IXYS MIXA IGBTs offer a fast and soft reverse recovery and low operating forward voltage. These IGBTs feature easy paralleling due to the positive temperature coefficient of the on-state voltage. A rugged Xtreme light Punch Through (XPT) design ensures low gate charge, low EMI, and short circuit ratings for 10µsec. IXYS MIXA IGBTs have a 2.1kW maximum power dissipation rating, 1200V maximum emitter voltage, and 17A to 720A continuous collector current range.


  • Rugged XPT design results in 
    • Short circuit rating for 10µsec
    • Low gate charge
    • Low EMI
  • Easy paralleling
  • Fast and reverse recovery
  • Low operating forward voltage
發佈日期: 2021-10-04 | 更新日期: 2022-03-11