Digilent MCC 134 Thermocouple DAQ HAT for Raspberry Pi

Digilent MCC 134 Thermocouple DAQ HAT for Raspberry Pi features four thermocouple inputs for adding temperature measurement capability to Raspberry Pi-based data acquisition systems. The HAT features a 24-bit resolution and provides professional-grade accuracy. The MCC 134 also offers open thermocouple detection to monitor broken or disconnected thermocouples and each channel type are selectable on a per-channel basis. Up to eight MCC HATs are stacked onto one Raspberry Pi.


  • Four isolated thermocouple inputs
  • 24-bit A/D converter
  • 1-second update interval, minimum
  • Thermocouple types J, K, R, S, T, N, E, and B supported
  • Cold junction compensation
  • Screw terminal connections
  • Product Compliance: 
    • HTC: 8473301180
    • ECCN: EAR99

Kit Contents

  • One MCC 134 DAQ HAT
  • 2x20 Header connector (plugs into the 40 pin GPIO connector on the Pi board)
  • Jumpers (3)
  • Standoffs (4)
  • Screws (4)
  • Nuts (4)
  • Printed insert: Getting Started with MCC DAQ HATs
  • MCC packaging assembly/foam, etc.
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